N-able RMM: Upgrades to Patch Management, Automation Manager, Mac Antivirus, Windows Agent

We’re pleased to share the details of RMM’s latest release, which is currently rolling out across the RMM territories and expected to complete by end of the day. Here’s what’s in store…  

  • Patch Management: Use Patch Management to deploy Windows 11 upgrades! 
  • Automation Manager v2.30: Full Windows 11 support and lots of performance improvements 
  • Managed Antivirus for Mac: Bitdefender improvements for Mac devices 
  • New Windows RC Agent (v10.11.9): A series of performance and supportability upgrades

In addition, we want to draw your attention to an automatic agent upgrade we’ll be performing on legacy agent versions (Windows v10.8.0 and before).

There is also an important PSA integration update required by partners using a legacy connection to ConnectWise or Autotask with RMM.

Here is everything you need to know…

Patch Management Enhancements 

As just announced, we’re very pleased to let you know that you will shortly be able to use Patch Management to install Windows 11 upgrades. It means you’re in full control over how and when you run this major OS update. We plan to add the patch on Tuesday 7th of December, which will be set to manual approval by default. When you’re ready to approve and deploy the upgrade, you can action this at the device level or target multiple devices at the same time using the Patch Management workflow. For more info, check out the release post here.  

To further help you orchestrate your patch deployments, we’ll be adding more granular auto-approval rules to RMM’s Patch Management policies in the not-too-distant future. This way, future patches of this nature will show under the class “Upgrades” with the ability auto-approve. Stay tuned for updates!

Automation Manager Upgrade

We are also rolling out a significant Automation Manager upgrade, v2.30. As devices check into RMM they will automatically receive the latest version, which contains a number of upgrades:  

  • The latest version adds full Windows 11 support so any scripts you create with Automation Manager are fully compatible and ready to run in any Windows environment.  
  • The default folder for Automation Manager is now C:\Program Files (x86)\N-Able Technologies\; previous versions of Automation Manager were installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds MSP\ 
  • All of Automation Manager’s “prompt” objects have been updated to include a new output parameter called ClickResult that tracks which user (if any) acknowledged the prompt 

We have also fixed several bugs, please see the release notes section below for details.

Managed Antivirus for Mac
We are pleased to let you know that a new version of Managed Antivirus for Mac is now installing in all territories. This update not only includes support for macOS Monterey, but also runs natively on Apple’s M1 processors.

Windows 10.11.9 RC and Legacy Agent Auto-upgrade

The latest Windows RC Agent contains a number of enhancements around agent diagnostics to help with performance and support. We’ve also updated the Patch Management Engine version so that it deploys the latest version out of the box.  

In addition, we plan to auto-upgrade legacy versions of the Windows Agent on devices that are still running v10.8.0 or earlier. That agent version is now over 3 years old and it’s important to stay up-to-date with agent versions in order to receive performance improvements, feature upgrades and security updates.  

Note this follows the same process we highlighted a couple of months ago with the auto-upgrade of the v9 legacy agent. During the first two weeks in December, we will automatically upgrade agents older than v10.8.0 to our current GA version, v10.11.8. No action is required from partners; however, you can complete the upgrade yourself, at any time, using RMM’s standard workflows (see User Guide for details). 

Autotask and ConnectWise PSA Upgrades

As communicated to individual partners with an in-product message in RMM, it’s important for partners who are still using a legacy PSA connection for Autotask or ConnectWise to upgrade their integration. We released this upgrade back in July 2019, and we will be deprecating the old integration shortly. We ask partners to perform the upgrade by December 17th, as after this date we can no longer guarantee continued support for the old connection.   

The upgrade can be done in a few straight forward steps – for ConnectWise, please refer to this guide; for Autotask, please refer to his guide. Some Autotask partners may also have to perform an additional step as required by Autotask. Note our Partner Success Team is reaching out directly to offer assistance if needed.  

Summary for Release   
– Patch Management upgrade, Automation Manager upgrade, Windows RC Agent 
– RMM Console v2020.11.25   
– Windows 10.11.9 RC 

RMM Console v2020.11.25   
UPDATE: For the EDR check you can now select ‘Edit Checks Like This’ for bulk changes 
BUGFIX: Ensure enrolled iOS devices show the correct iOS version on the Summary tab 
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue affecting graphics with the Performance Monitoring History report 

Windows 10.11.9 RC 
UPDATE: Remove -logfile from ScriptLauncher.js and task_start.js 
UPDATE: Ship PME version packaged with the RMM Agent to 
UPDATE: Hardening of the RBM feature installation process 
UPDATE: Improved logging around around check results data in fmplugin 
Automation Manager v.2.3
UPDATE: Windows 11 support 
UPDATE: The default folder for Automation Manager is now C:\Program Files (x86)\N-Able Technologies\ 
UPDATE: Automation Manager’s “prompt” objects now include a new output parameter called ClickResult that tracks which user acknowledged the prompt 
AM-2769: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: The Assembly “AutomationManager.Engine.Common, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null” can not be found.” Error 
AM-2763: Support shortname 8.3 notation when installing Automation Manager 
AM-2742: The “Download File from URL” object fails to download binaries from RMM’s get_site_installation_package API 
AM-2741: The SSH Object returns an “Unknown Error” message when run through a Script Check 
AM-2740: The “Open Session” Object Reports “Failed to negotiate key exchange algorithm” 
AM-2729: The “Get Domain Information” and “Get AD Forest Information” Objects Return “Unknown” For Output Parameters When The Domain And Forest Are Both In 2016 Mode 
AM-2727: The “Get Folder List” Object Does Not Preserve non-ASCII Characters 
AM-2726: The “File Exists” Object Doesn’t Find Files In C:\Windows\System32 
AM-2724: The “Delete Temporary Files” Object Fails If C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies Does Not Exist 
AM-2712: Policies that prompt users fail on Windows 11 
AM-2456: “The “Run Powershell Script” Object Returns a “System.Xml.XmlDocument” Error When It Invokes The Chocolatey Installation Script” 

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