N-able RMM: auto-upgrade of RMM v9 agents on eligible Windows devices

We want to let you know we plan to perform an automated upgrade on Windows® devices still running the legacy v9 agent. This will help ensure devices under management are kept current with agent releases and their system upgrades.

Any Windows devices running the v9 will automatically update to the latest GA agent, v10.11.8. This change is set to happen in October starting on the 18th with a gradual deployment. No action is required from partners; however, you can complete the upgrade yourself, at any time, using RMM’s standard workflows (see User Guide for details).

Note that Windows XP and Server 2003 devices—for which we recently announced support end-of-life—are not included in this update.  

Also note the patch management engine will automatically update to use the N-ableTM Patch Management Engine—with many improvements over the legacy system. See the User Guide for details and supported Windows operating systems.

In the future, we expect to announce more automated upgrades of older agent versions to help ensure best practices and up-to-date support.

For any questions, please reach out to the Partner Success Team.

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