ADVANCE NOTICE:  EDR “Petra” SP5 Pre-Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday December 1st Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) will be updated to SentinelOne’s “Petra SP5” release. This release delivers significant enhancements to the management console.

Excited to share some of the highlights below and please be sure to read the full Release Notes and supporting documentation available here:

Petra SP5 includes:

Console UI Enhancements

New configuration options for new Agent UI in the 21.7 agents

Petra brings new Policy configuration options to support the new Agent UI available in the upcoming 21.7 agents. The new UI gives end-users better visibility of their endpoint security status, improving the interaction between your security team and your end-users. 

Enhanced Policy Page with Fresh Look and New Features

The Policy page has improved organization and section headings to better describe the purpose of each area on the page. These changes include;

Sentinels Free Text Filter

In Sentinels -> Endpoints, the search for Computer name has now changed to Endpoint name. This is consistent with the language used in other places in the Management Console.

Resizable Endpoint Details Window

You can now change the size of the Endpoint Details window. Hold the cursor on a border of the window to resize it.

Enhanced expanded threat row in Incidents

When you expand a Threat row in Incidents > Threats, the Endpoint Name now shows in the expanded row. This is helpful when you scroll between threats which can be on different endpoints.

2FA Enhancements (Standalone only)

Reset 2FA easily for a user

When Two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled and a user cannot log in successfully, a different admin in the same scope can now easily reset a user’s 2FA settings.

Recover your own 2FA Access with Email Recovery

If you need to reset your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to the Management Console, you can now use 2FA email recovery to reset it on your own, without help from a different Console user. For example, if you get a new phone or cannot log in with your 2FA App for a different reason.

To use 2FA email recovery, you must define an email recovery address in advance that you can use to reconfigure your own 2FA when necessary. This email address must be different than the one you use to log in to the Management Console.

Enhanced Settings User Page

The Settings > Users page now shows more details about each user. Look for the new columns:

API Doc Enhancements (Standalone only)

Standalone EDR will also see that they can now download the API doc as a PDF from the Management Console. This is available for the current API version (v2.1) and also for the Legacy API (v2.0).

Also added, the ability to click Run on console, API requests that contain the filter parameter now have an easy Select Scope option to choose the scope for the request.  Note, this is currently available for POST and DELETE requests.

The console update release is scheduled for completion within an eight-hour maintenance window and will begin on Wednesday December 1st, at 10 am IDT / 9 am UTC +2/ 3 am EDT.  A few important things to note during this time:

We are excited to provide these new features to customers, as well as evangelize them with prospects. One final reminder don’t forget to check out the full Release Notes at

As always, feedback is welcome on the release.

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