SolarWinds RMM: Coming soon – PSA Integration Enhancements (RC)

We’re delighted to introduce a significant upgrade to RMM’s PSA integration, with many enhancements for configuring your PSA setup for Autotask and ConnectWise with RMM. The latest enhancements will be made available as a release candidate (RC), and expected to roll out to customers over the coming days.

In this latest update, we’re making the PSA integration more robust and flexible than ever before – benefits of the latest upgrade include: enhanced resilience & fault tolerance, support for sites in the PSA, support for network devices, automated device creation, real time ticketing, and automated ticket status updates in the RMM console.

During the RC phase, we’ll continue to make enhancements, and very much welcome your comments and feedback to help us deliver the right PSA solution for GA.

To get started – go to Settings, then under PSA Integration, select the “Upgrade PSA Integration” option:


When you select this you’ll be asked if you wish to enable site mapping in your PSA:


This is can be de-selected in the PSA configuration dialog at any time, but for the purposes of migrating your installation, is an important choice:

  • If you enable site mapping, then the PSA Mapping service will automatically try and create all your RMM sites in your PSA, so that your RMM Clients, Sites and Devices will have a corresponding 1:1 mapping with an entity in the PSA.
  • If you don’t enable this option, the system will migrate your data on an “as is” basis, though note you’ll be able to map to sites at a later time.

Once you have set your site mapping preference, you can visit the PSA “Configure” dialog to ensure all your device and ticketing settings have been set up as you intend.

Note: This step is especially important for Autotask customers, as you will be required to ensure you have a Network Device class enabled:

Once you are satisfied with your configuration, go to Settings > PSA Integration and select Asset Mapping to start the process of entity mapping between RMM and your PSA:


This is the new Asset Mapping dialog, which replaces the existing Entity Mapping. Here, you have the ability to map the RMM entities to the PSA entities, so that RMM is able to raise tickets for the appropriate devices in the PSA.

In this revision, you can selectively map your RMM clients to the PSA clients, your RMM sites to PSA sites/locations (if enabled earlier), and your RMM devices to your PSA configuration items. Note that both clients and sites support a “many to one” mapping.

During the RC period of this release we’ll be working on the following enhancements:

  • The ability to re-open PSA tickets for Daily Safety Check outages
  • Support for “close on check clear” functionality
  • Manual creation of Notes & Time entry
  • Control over automated entity creation in the PSA


Summary for Service Release:
– Service release with new PSA integration
– Dashboard v2019.07.08

Summary of Release:
FEATURE: Addition of site-free mapping for PSA integration
FEATURE: Addition of navigation improvements to asset mapping
FEATURE: Addition of Ticket Naming choices to PSA configuration dialog
UPDATE: Addition of cache to asset mapping dialog
BUGFIX: Ensure Monitoring Templates for Macs don’t revert to Windows OS when editing
BUGFIX: Update to the warning message when applying a Mac monitoring template without checks


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