MSP Manager Update – Release Notes

We’re happy to announce our latest MSP Manager enhancements!

·         We’ve updated the Ticket Details object to support Rich Text/HTML
·         New incoming requests will now populate the Ticket Details with the initial message rather than adding a response
·         It is now possible to add a default rate and additional rates to Hourly Retainer
·         Incoming Email and Ticket Request Workflow Rules now support Location as a condition (if the email is from a known contact, we will be able to create a condition based on the customer’s location)

This release also fixes the following issues:

·         Ticket CSV Export does not handle special characters
·         Billing periods are not properly generated for Hourly service item
·         Appointment could not be deleted by the person who created it if he is not the assignee
·         Ticket Properties Status is not translated to the set language
·         Completed RMM Outage Note is incomplete
·         Ticket Rules algorithm not assigning ticket to appropriate technician based on selected options
·         SLA sending notifications for completed tickets
·         Unable to change Service Item end date
·         Some non-english languages cause pages to load slowly
·         Discrepancy on the Hours Worked when viewed per month vs year
·         Rates Values displayed when View Rates Values permission is not enabled
·         Custom Knowledge tags displaying tag id instead of tag names
·         Must refresh customer information before a service plan can be selected in a ticket
·         Message displayed that updates will be lost when attempting to save a ticket
·         Culture selection under General Settings are not sorted alphabetically 

Thank you to all of you who have submitted IDEAS, here are some of the ideas that were solved in this released.  Keep voting!

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