Windows 11 Upgrade via Patch Management – RMM

We are delighted to announce RMM is ready to handle Windows 11 upgrades in a manner that allows you to control how and when they are installed with no surprises. We plan to add the Patch on Tuesday 7th December which gives you time to discuss internally how you plan to support the upgrade with your clients.

What change was made?

RMM uses severity as an auto-approval option within the Patch Management Policies. As Windows 11 was released by Microsoft with no severity it would have been auto-set to “other”. We believe this would have caused issues for a number of partners who auto approve this class but do not want to upgrade to Windows 11 yet, therefore we have set the Windows 11 upgrade to manual approval only.

This means when your devices discover the Windows 11 Upgrade they will show as needed by the device at both device level and within the Patch Management Workflow. There will be no auto-approval set on to this patch causing unexpected installs.

When you are ready to approve and deploy it you can action this at the device level or through the manual workflow tool to target multiple devices at the same time. Once approved it will still adhere to your install schedule should you wish it to.

Please note that we are working on the functionality needed to use classifications within RMM Policies as an auto-approval option and future patches of this nature would show under the class “Upgrades” as an auto-approval option.


What can you expect?

  • The patch name will contain “Upgrade to Windows 11” within the title
  • There are 6 potential installer versions, all of which are roughly 3.6gb in size.
  • The Patch will contain no severity as per Microsoft
  • Not all of your devices will show this patch as needed at the same time. Microsoft have advised “We expect all eligible devices to be offered the free upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.” so it could be many months before some machines get offered the upgrade.
  • Not all devices will be compatible for the upgrade due to specific device requirements set by Microsoft.
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