SolarWinds Take Control: Mac Viewer Update

We are delighted to introduce our latest Take Control update: Viewer 6.00.07 for Mac.

One thing which makes this update really exciting is the fact that this is for all SolarWinds Take Control users with Mac Viewers – whether you use Take Control as part of your remote monitoring solution, or use it as a standalone product.

All the details…

In January 2019, we had the privilege of being able to introduce our entirely re-styled Windows Viewer – in which we had consolidated all menu and action items into a single, easy to navigate top bar – giving an organized and scalable presentation to the Take Control Viewer.

This release for Mac not only offers the same first-class Viewer experience to our Mac users, but  our integration to  Passportal, our new password management solution, as well.  Mac partners can enjoy the same seamless Passportal functionality – automatic injection of vaulted passwords, consolidated access control, auto-generation of strong passwords, and much more.

On initial launch, you’ll notice the Viewer changes immediately:


But despite the menu changes, and consolidation of all menu items on the top bar, there’s been no compromise to functionality – all the features and functions have been homogenized and streamlined.


All your session stats and session telemetry remain wholly accessible:


The menus are slick, navigable, and highly responsive, making this a real pleasure to use.

Secure password management is now immediately accessible by clicking on the Passportal key icon.


Selecting the key for the first time allows easy set up, and then following successful authentication, you can then browse, and search the Passportal Vaults:


As with the Windows version – all the actions taken in Passportal are tracked and logged  with compliance needs for auditing in mind. And, of course, all Take Control’s robust security measures have been implemented in this version.

Summary of release:
– SolarWinds Take Control Viewer update: 6.00.07
– No agent update



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