SolarWinds Take Control Windows Viewer 7.0 is here!

We are delighted to introduce the latest iteration of our SolarWinds Take Control product: The updated Viewer for Windows 7.0!

All the details…

As is tradition, this is a release which is entirely driven by client feedback. Our users have told us that they’d like a more streamlined experience, which allows them to maximize the usable desktop area without compromising usability or quality. Additionally, our users have been asking for a viewer where all the commands and functions are more logically grouped, allowing for an easy-to-use experience – remaining easy to navigate and control, putting the power of our Application at your fingertips.


And this is what this latest release is designed to do. Importantly, all existing functionality has been preserved, but further, we’ve developed this update in a way that allows for future expansion without introducing complexity.

The first thing you’ll notice about this revision is the missing “bottom bar”. While that menu item, has been removed, we’ve reorganized the information architecture in a way that this functionality remains easy to access:


And, as you navigate through the menus, it looks and feels logical and streamlined, as well as being highly responsive:



As we mentioned before, all the functionality has been preserved:


All the options which you’ve come to expect have been organized to remain accessible when required, but otherwise unobtrusive.

All the copy/paste functionality for file transfer introduced earlier has been preserved, as has the Secrets Vaults Functionality which was more recently introduced.


When using the updated Viewer, you may see the in-session controls which were formerly present on the bottom bar and are now on the top bar:



Equally, we’ve moved the system information to a selectable menu item – allowing you and your techs to retrieve this as often as required:



Upon using the viewer, you’ll notice that this is presented on session start –to reflect the legacy behaviour of presenting this tab on session launch. This will only be presented for five seconds upon session launch but it may be shown at any given time during the session. You can always configure this later.

And, we’ve updated the chat function so this utility may be toggled on and off:


Note that toggling the chat on and off will not result in any loss of chat history.

Finally, within our new vertical ellipses, we’ve added in some advanced Window and session controls:


You’ll notice that in addition to the standard windowing options, you have a selection of advanced session controls which allow you to exactly customize the behaviour of your sessions.


Summary of release
– Windows Viewer 7.0

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