SolarWinds RMM: MSP Anywhere Take Control Enhancements

We’re excited introduce our latest MSP Anywhere Take Control Viewer and agents – version:  6.90.00 for Windows and 5.98.99 for Mac.

This update, which includes both an MSP Anywhere Viewer AND agent, is important because it not only gives MSP Anywhere Take Control a new look and feel, but is also designed to enhance security and product robustness.

The first v.6.90.00 component we’d like to showcase is the Remote Viewer:


The first thing you’ll notice is a re-color. Our designers have worked to standardize the look and feel of the viewer to be more in keeping with the default Dashboard color schemes.

The next main visual update is a change to the network status monitor:


We’ve made this an actionable item by allowing you to select this status item and see a running update of your upload and download bandwidth, as well as a running breakdown of response time.

The next significant set of improvements is around solution security. We’ve upgraded our security stack with FIPS 140-2-compliant OpenSSL cryptographic modules. What this means is that MSP Anywhere Take Control sessions are now FIPS 140-2 compliant, helping to reinforce the security of all traffic from origin to destination, and designed to cover the full extent of the transit infrastructure.

In addition to this enhancement, and well beyond the minimum specification defined by FIPS, we have also implemented Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman protection to our public/private key exchanges – a component step in session instantiation.
These newest security enhancements are designed to help improve the security and safety of your and  your clients’ systems, while maintaining session integrity and session quality.

The next area where we’ve been hard at work is on file transfer – with an emphasis on copy/paste file transfer. In version 6.80.21, we introduced copy/paste for files. In this version, we’ve optimized this file transfer experience and can now offer speeds up to 4x faster.

Finally, we’ve implemented autodetection of limit image capture – an MSP Anywhere agent feature which will help proactively determine the most optimal configuration of image capture settings. This is designed to deliver a more robust and less resource-intensive agent.


Summary for release:

– Windows Agent 6.90.00
– Windows Viewer 6.90.00
– Mac Viewer 5.98.99


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