SolarWinds RMM: MSP Anywhere Take Control Enhancements

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to improve MSP Anywhere Take Control, we’re delighted to introduce versions 6.80.21 for Windows and 5.98.95 for Mac.

Each version introduces a new Viewer and Agent. We’ll automatically update these components if you already have them installed, but don’t worry, we’ll also make sure the updated components are all on the Dashboard to support new installs.

Windows: 6.80.21: In this version, we’re delighted to be able to introduce 8 awesome improvements including those focused on:

  • Remote Print
  • Improved Copy/Paste
  • Clipboard Defaults
  • Clipboard Deletions
  • File Transfer Improvements
  • Loading Messaging for Users
  • Increased File Transfer Capacity
  • Authentication Improvements
  • Session Inactivity Timeout Threshold

1) Remote Print. MSP Anywhere is now able to redirect a remote printing job to a local printer on the technician’s machine. This is particularly useful because not only is the process seamless, but it allows the technician to locally print a document without having the program which reads it installed on its computer. For instance, a technician could locally print an Autocad file without having Autocad installed on their machine.



2) Improved Copy/Paste.  (Copy/Paste for files!) If you’ve ever experienced a system crash with other remote support solutions when trying to copy and/or paste a large file during a session,  you’ll appreciate our enhancement here. This kind of functionality really taxes a remote support solution’s memory management capabilities, but our development team did some clever behind-the-scenes work to make sure file copy and paste capabilities are fast and seamless every time.

3) Clipboard Defaults. We’ve introduced the ability to save your shared clipboard settings:


This means that once you configure these settings to your desired behaviour, this will become a default for all sessions moving forward.  No more resetting this value for each session.

4) Clipboard Deletion. We’ve also added the ability to delete the clipboard contents upon session end.


This means that, in the event that you’ve been copy/pasting passwords or otherwise sensitive data between yourself or your client, this data may now be deleted as soon as the session terminates.

5) File Transfer Improvement. We’ve also been hard at work with our File Transfer features. In this area, we’ve added:

  • The ability to view remaining items in the file transfer queue (see below)
  • The Pause/Start/Resume options have been moved to context menus; and the progress indicator has been updated to be textual, for more accurate results.


6) Loading Messaging for User.  We also added messaging to inform the user when a file list or the queue are being loaded. This is especially important when loading big lists so the technician is aware the software is still running.


7) Increased File Transfer Capacity.  User Messaging is  especially important in light of the fact that we have doubled our file transfer limits: We’ve now made it possible to transfer up to 80,000 files in a single batch!

8) Authentication Improvements.  Another area where we’ve made improvements is in Authentication: Where a user had enabled Secondary authentication (Windows Authentication) for sessions, we’ve now added the option to view the password so you can see the characters you’re entering – this is especially valuable where highly complex passwords may be in use.

9) Configurable session timeout. The last main customer facing feature we added in this version is the ability to automatically disconnect sessions following a configurable time period of inactivity. You can also set this is a default value so that you don’t need to keep setting this up in future versions:



Mac: 5.98.95: In this version, we’re working hard on making our Mac Agent & Viewer a first class citizen. In this release we’re delighted to be adding both Remote Print in addition to the Video Session recording notification.

6.80.21 Summary:
FEATURE: Remote Print
FEATURE: Improved Copy/Paste
FEATURE: Clipboard Defaults
FEATURE: Clipboard Deletions
FEATURE: File Transfer Improvements
FEATURE: Loading Messaging for Users
FEATURE: Increased File Transfer Capacity
FEATURE: Authentication Improvements
FEATURE: Session inactivity disconnects
FEATURE: Video Session recording notification

5.98.95 Summary:
FEATURE: Remote Print
FEATURE: Session inactivity disconnects
FEATURE: Video Session recording notification


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