SolarWinds RMM: NetPath is Now Available! Try it today free of charge!


NOTE: The month of March will not incur any charges for NetPath’s usage. For pricing information, reach out to your account manager.


For the first time, SolarWinds MSP is introducing a new feature available from our Core-IT division to RMM partners.

 NetPath monitors connectivity from your users to their cloud, on-premises, or hybrid applications and services they care about.

NetPath can be set up on any server and workstation to reach out to any IP address or hostname and provide real-time data of the connectivity and performance of the network path that connects these two points. NetPath also determines what infrastructure is in the path, and where traffic slowdowns are occurring.

NetPath Example

MSPs are cobbling together a variety of solutions to try and address networking issues today. Tools such as traceroute typically fall short in presenting information, such as multiple paths and historical data—and many firewalls block ICMP requests, which can be a show-stopper for traceroute. NetPath works by mimicking real application traffic, which means NetPath can reach any cloud application in the same way it would normally be accessed. As a result, NetPath sees exactly the same problems a user would, but with the ability to track each hop across the network, IP address by IP address.

NetPath crucially provides:

  • Visual analysis and problem-solving for hybrid IT; map the cloud beyond your firewall and understand your provider’s network better than they do.
  • Hop-by-hop analysis along critical network paths. Know where the fault lies if there is any performance or QoS issues between any source and destination IP address/hostname.
  • Enhanced quality of service for end users. Monitoring the endpoints is easy with RMM; monitoring the end-user connectivity is now also available with NetPath.


Try NetPath today! From the RMM dashboard, select View -> NetPath.

NetPath Menu #2


For a great video overview of NetPath, click here.

A quick note for customers who participated in the NetPath Preview:

In this GA release, we have changed the installation process of NetPath to remove the need for .NET v4.0+ to be pre-installed on the server. Unfortunately, existing Preview Customers may encounter a problem with the automatic replacement of the DLL responsible for installing NetPath on your system. If you see_new_feature_14.dll in the Advanced Monitoring Agent\features directory, manually stop the Advanced Monitoring Agent Windows Service, delete the existing feature_14.dll, and rename _new_feature_14.dll to feature_14.dll.

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