MSP Manager: August 2nd Service Release (3.12)

A publish is scheduled for MSP Manager (3.12) for Thursday August 2nd at 5:00 am GMT. The Update Window is approx. 7 hours and we do not anticipate any downtime.

This patch focusses on Customer submitted issues and requests.

Fixed Issues

  • The last updated date of a ticket is now changed when a note or response is added to the ticket.
  • An issue which prevents deleting a project in certain situations has been resolved.
  • The customer level ‘send emails from’ mailbox will now be used for ticket responses in all situations.
  • More detail has been provided for “Contract does not exist” error messages.
  • An issue which caused date and time format in certain locations not to line up with the MSP culture settings has been resolved.
  • An issue which caused the proceedure list to be blank when the customer is changed has been resolved.
  • An issue which prevented the ability to edit location information when a user has been assigned has been resolved.
  • An overage rate option has been added to the Hourly Retainer Service Plan.
  • A layout issue in the my Dashboard page has been resolved.
  • An issue which caused “This field is required” to appear unexpectedly when creating a ticket for certain partners has been resolved.
  • An issue related to Quickbooks export when the Barbados dollar is used has been resolved.

New Known Issues

  • After editing an appointment it may be removed from the list until refresh or reload of the page.
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