SolarWinds Take Control

We’re thrilled to introduce SolarWinds® Take Control™. Built on the solid foundations of the SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere™ product, this release introduces new and competitive pricing, as well as something new for SolarWinds MSP — in-product e-commerce purchasing options during trial. Beyond that, we’ve added a host of features to help make Take Control one of the most compelling, feature-rich, and secure remote support tools available on the market today.

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work on the MSP Anywhere product at all levels, from the web based admin area all the way to the Remote Viewer component itself. As is typical, our product roadmap over this past period of time has been largely driven by our customers, both those on our integrated RMM and N-central platforms, but also from the standalone customers as well.


In this latest release we’re rebranding the MSP Anywhere standalone product to be SolarWinds Take Control Plus.

We’re also releasing a second down-featured and lower-priced tier called Take Control.  Take Control will be sold at a highly competitive $19/month (USD, annual commitment), while Take Control Plus will be priced at $45/month (USD, annual commitment).

In addition to the new name and price, we have also, for the first time, introduced in-product online purchasing. If our new trialists decide they like what they see, they can purchase the product there and then, without the need to first speak to one of our sales staff.

Finally, we’re pleased to be able to introduce the latest addition to our product offering – Take Control Secrets Vaults. Unlike other mainstream password management type applications, the Secrets Vault delivers the secured secrets only to an in-session viewer, thus delivering the secured data directly to the target endpoint. Additionally, your customers will have the ability to key their passwords straight into the vault so that the techs responsible for performing the connection need never be aware of that secured string – ever.

One important fact here is that when you create a Secrets Vault – that vault is secured / encrypted using a password of YOUR choosing.  This way, you are entirely in charge of the security of the data at rest in the system. Once created, you’ll have full granular control over which technicians and target hosts may access this vault – all the while safe in the knowledge that at no time, are the vaulted secrets visible or easily discernible.

Here is a brief walkthrough and summary of the new feature:

First, you’ll notice a new feature in our Management Menu: Secrets Vault:

Selecting this will allow you to create a vault. A vault is a logically grouped storage location in which you can store your customers’ credentials safely. What’s important here is that each vault can be accessible to one individual or a whole group of technicians, depending on how you configure permissions, and can store as many ‘Secrets’ as you require.

The process is simple. First name and create your vault.


Then you can begin the process of adding secrets.


This is where the Take Control Secrets Vault differs from many other traditional password management applications.

Once this “Secret” is created, there is no way this data can be lifted,  retrieved, or copied to a shareable clipboard memory space. The secrets may only be deployed directly to an in-session Remote Viewer. Moreover, that Remote Viewer must be displaying a login or other authentication screen, otherwise the details of your secrets remain entirely inaccessible.


The moment you move your remote session to the point where credentials injection is required, the solution auto-detects status and presents you with your available secrets on demand. Again, this is done in such a way that at no time can a technician lift or see the secret content:


After the technician verifies that they have access permission by authenticating, they select “Insert”, and the secret credentials are automatically inserted for them. If the correct credentials are inserted, the remote machine unlocks, and your techs can press ahead providing support to that machine.


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