SolarWinds Take Control: Passportal Integration

We are thrilled to introduce the next Take Control Viewer update: 7.00.08 for Windows. What makes this particular update so exciting is the introduction of a new seamless integration between the Take Control Viewer and SolarWinds Passportal password management solution. This is for all SolarWinds Take Control users with Windows Viewers – whether you use Take Control as part of your remote monitoring solution, or use it as a standalone product.

In this new Viewer release, with just a few quick setup steps you can now seamlessly inject secured credentials from your Passportal vaults directly into the machine you are connecting to — with just a single click*.


With the Passportal integration, you will be able to save time by browsing and navigating your way though your password vaults in real time:


Once you have identified and located the credentials you need for your session, you may now copy/paste or autofill the username/password fields with a single click:


In keeping with best practices, and with compliance in mind, all vault interactions are tracked and recorded for future auditing needs.

The setup process is simple —  you authenticate the Take Control Viewer to your Passportal account:


Once authenticated, you can then use your Passportal vaults on subsequent sessions:


All the actions and interactions performed while in session are encapsulated and protected by Take Control’s robust security measures. This means you’re saving valuable time with Passportal, and doing so as securely as possible.

For customers using the Mac Viewer, and those who enjoy the Take Control mobile apps, we will be adding integrated Passportal in the coming weeks!

Summary of release:
– SolarWinds Take Control Viewer update: 7.00.08
– No Agent update



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