SolarWinds RMM: PSA RC Integration Enhancements

Following on from our previous post, we’re delighted to line up our next set of enhancements for our PSA Release Candidate.

All the details:

First up: we’re very pleased to (Re)introduce the “Close on Check-clear” functionality:


Allowing you to close your PSA tickets in response to instances where you clear your RMM checks.

But more than that, we’ve reintroduced this functionality to add new flexibility into your ticket re-opening options:


What this means is that you now have better control over the ticket creation behaviour of both DSC and 247 ticket varieties – a brand-new level of flexibility.

In terms of Asset Mapping, we’ve added in the ability to create PSA entities directly from the Asset Mapping dialog:



This means that whilst mapping – in the event that you need to create a PSA entity to proceed, you can do so with immediacy, allowing you to proceed and finalise this stage of the integration process.

Lastly on this release, we added the administrative controls to allow you to dictate if you wish to sync your RMM assets to your PSA:


These allow you to dictate if you wish RMM to create these entities in your PSA

Summary for  Release:
– Updated RC PSA integration functionality



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