SolarWinds RMM: New Remote Background Management GA with Windows 10.9.5 Agent

Hot on the heels of the announcement just earlier of the Passportal integration with Take Control in RMM, we’re pleased to let you know that the new Remote Background Management feature now becomes generally available (GA), as the latest Windows RC Agent v10.9.5 goes GA over the course of the week.

The new Remote Background feature uses the Take Control viewer, and therefore also supports the Passportal integration: It means that technicians with Passportal accounts can retrieve the correct password for the endpoint and log in at the start of the session, quickly and securely every time.

The new Remote Background Management feature offers a range of advanced functionality such as remote PowerShell commands, event log access, a remote registry editor, key system info, and more. It means you’re able to perform many more tasks remotely on an end-point, without the need to interrupt the end-user. Visit the original release post for more info.

To take advantage, update your devices to use the latest Windows agent, and make sure you have downloaded the remote access viewer (available from the Remote Access menu). Then simply click on the Remote Background button and select “Advanced Remote Background” to use the new version.

We’re rolling the agent update out gradually across the territories over the next week, please be patient if the agent has not yet updated in your region.

In case you missed it first time round, here are some screenshots to highlight some of the cool tools in the new Remote Background feature:

arbm 4arbm 5

arbm 6

arbm 7

In addition to the new Remote Background Management feature, the latest Windows agent also contains an update so that servers and workstations will check into RMM much more quickly following a device reboot. It means you’ll see them appear online almost right away instead of waiting on the next check cycle.

Here are the release notes for this week’s update:

Summary for Service Release
– New Remote Background Management GA with Windows 10.9.5
– Console v2019.09.03
– Windows Agent 10.9.5 GA

RMM Console v2019.09.03
UPDATE: Advanced Remote Background Management feature GA (requires Windows 10.9.5 Agent)
UPDATE: Pending patches icon in the north pane updated to a clock instead of reboot icon
BUGFIX: Resolve loading spinner issue for Take Control when user has RBM feature turned off in roles & permissions

Agent 10.9.5 GA
Windows Agent 10.9.5 includes the updates since the current production Agent v10.8.10:

Agent 10.9.5 (Release Candidate)
UPDATE: Added support for Veritas Backup Exec v15 and above to the Backup Check

UPDATE: Improvements to the Remote Background Management agent install process
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.13 used by Automation Manager

Agent 10.9.4 (Release Candidate)
BUGFIX: Addressing an issue related to Take Control agent communication error on install

BUGFIX: Resolved issue causing agent GUI to be slow to load

Windows Agent v10.9.3 (Release Candidate)
BUGFIX: Improve data calculation for the Performance Monitoring Memory Check to stop it failing unnecessarily

BUGFIX: Update support for F-secure Internet Security in the Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX: Update support for Avast! Antivirus in the Antivirus Update Check

Windows Agent 10.9.2
UPDATE: Ensure agents check-in to the dashboard as soon as possible after device start-up

UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.12 used by Automation Manager

Agent 10.9.1 RC
UPDATE: Support for Remote Background enhancements (future feature update)

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