N-able RMM is now N-able N-sight!

We’re very excited to announce that N-able RMM is now N-able N-sight! N-able N-sight is a more robust, complete solution that combines the capabilities of RMM with Remote Control and Ticketing & Billing. Watch the video below to find out more!

We’ve been working hard to incorporate the best features from Take Control and MSP Manager, including attended Take Control with Fast Assist, a brand new User Chat feature, automated user sync, one-click account provisioning with ticketing out-of-the-gate, ease-of-use navigation, and more.

The updates will be rolled out shortly, here are the latest N-sight enhancements coming your way today:  

Product Bar with Quick Links 

We’re making it easier than ever to hop between monitoring, remote access and ticketing functions with the new product bar – click on the quick links to jump into MSP Manager or Take Control Plus, opening up the full range of capabilities N-able has to offer.  

If you don’t yet subscribe to those services, it will provide the option to start a no-commitment free trial, with just a couple of clicks. 

Note that end-customer users will not see the ‘quick links’ in the updated product bar based on Roles & Permissions. You can update who can see the quick links by editing user permissions (go to Settings > Users > Roles & Permissions).

Take Control Fast Assist for Attended Remote Access 

 A key advantage of N-sight is the ability to run attended remote access sessions for devices that are not yet under management, and therefore can’t be accessed with the standard Take Control or Remote Background Manager features in N-sight’s north pane.

This makes it the perfect tool for dealing with break-fix type customers, onboarding new accounts, and for helping end-users who are not on their usual computer (for instance, someone working from home that day).  You can read all about the feature in this earlier blog post.  

N-sight Automated User Sync 

N-sight can automatically synchronise technician users across RMM, Take Control and MSP Manager. MSP Manager already supported this option, and we have just added the same capability to Take Control as well – check out this post from a couple of days ago for all the details.  

Two-Way User Chat – Coming very soon!

We’re equally excited to highlight that N-sight will shortly offer live two-way user chat. This brand new feature takes advantage of Take Control’s awesome capabilities and will be directly incorporated in the N-sight’s dashboard. Simply select a Windows device in the north pane, then click on the Chat option to launch the chat window. As technicians you can have as many chat windows open as you like.

Update: This is now live for all partners, check out this release post for info.

Patch Management Upgrades

Patch Management Engine v2.7 is releasing this week with a series of performance improvements and bug fixes – for all the details, click here.

Windows Agent 10.12.5 RC

We have released a new Windows RC Agent, v10.12.5, with a set of customer bug fixes and improvements for Scriptrunner – see below for release notes.

These latest updates are just the beginning of the N-sight journey, as we continue to build out the full solution across monitoring, ticketing and remote control. Lots more to come so stay tuned for future upgrades and enhancements!  

Summary for Service Release  
– N-sight launch, new Windows RC
– RMM Console v2022.07.01 
– Windows RC Agent v10.12.5 

RMM Console v2022.07.01
FEATURE: N-sight launch with new ‘quick links’ in the product bar
FEATURE: Option to synchronise users between Take Control and RMM (Take Control setting)
FEATURE: Two-way live user chat for technicians (rolling out over next few days)
UPDATE: Support for ‘quick links’ in Roles & Permissions
UPDATE: The Executive Summary report Health Score Antivirus count now includes devices using standalone EDR
BUGFIX: Backup Documents issue resolved preventing it from being enabled when Professional backup mode was previously enabled

Agent v10.12.5 RC
UPDATE: Added Network Discovery Database to log collector  
UPDATE: Improvements to the log collector  
BUGFIX: Ensure Patch Management Engine installs if 8dot3name is enabled or disabled
BUGFIX: Ensure Backup & Recovery successfully installs if 8dot3name is enabled or disabled 
BUGFIX: Devices that report a chassis type of detachable should also be classed as laptops at device registration time 
BUGFIX: Improvements to the ‘scriptrunner’ upgrade/installation process
BUGFIX: – Various script runner fixes  

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