N-able N-sight: Introducing Automated User Synchronization Between Take Control and RMM 

We’re pleased to let you know that it is now possible to automatically synchronize technician users between Take Control and RMM.  It means that when you add a new technician user to Take Control, it will also add the user to RMM.  

This eliminates the need to manage the same users separately in both solutions. The user sync is the same feature that already exists between MSP Manager and RMM, so partners who have all three solutions are now able to keep technician users in sync across the board.  

The user sync can be particularly useful for partners who are taking advantage of the Take Control ‘Fast Assist’ feature, which was released to RMM partners earlier this year. Fast Assist allows technicians to jump onto ad-hoc attended remote access sessions for devices not yet under management, for example in customer onboarding or working from home scenarios.  

To enable the user sync feature, log into your Take Control account and go to Profile > Integration > N-able Products. This is off by default for existing partners, and on by default for new trials where RMM and Take Control are both provisioned.

Here’s a screenshot of the new feature:  

If you create a new technician on Take Control Plus they will be synched with RMM and added there too. You can create a new technician on TCP by going to the menu Management > Technicians > Add. To synch the user right away with RMM, click on the ‘Synch with RMM’ button:

Note that with the user sync enabled, it’s possible to specify a default RMM user role when creating a new user in Take Control:

New technicians are added to Take Control Plus without incurring any sudden charges, as Take Control’s license model is based on active licenses rather than users.  

Also be aware that end-customer users are not included in the synchronization, so RMM users based on the ‘client’ system role and Take Control ‘End users’ will not automatically synchronize, to avoid any roles and permissions conflicts.  

We very much hope the new user sync helps you take full advantage of all that Take Control and RMM have to offer, and we look forward to sharing more integration updates in the weeks ahead. 

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