Passportal Release – PowerShell Sync

New feature – PowerShell Sync

We are excited to announce the ability to send password updates from a PowerShell command into Passportal, This is especially useful for maintaining complex and frequently rotated passwords for local admin accounts, you can now have these passwords updated automatically into Passportal. The downloads center now contains the Zip file with a few example scripts, but feel free to customize these to work best for you. For more information please check out our Knowledge Base

Have some functionally you want to see included in PowerShell, please let us know at our Ideas center, or Email

We have released a fix for the following issues

  • Articles unable to be moved using the bulk with selected option
  • Unable to disable articles with bulk actions
  • New user registration links would show an error page when attempting to sign up with duo
  • Command sent to agent to clean up old runme.bat installer files
  • fixed an issue with new trial links timing out sooner then expected

Summary for Release   
– PowerShell sync
– Security updates and improvements
– Stability Improvements

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