N-able N-sight: Announcing Live Two-way User Chat  

We’re excited to let you know that we have started the rollout of one of the most requested features for N-sight: Live, two-way user chat!

It means technician users are now able to chat directly with their customer users, offering a brand-new communications and helpdesk support channel: 

  • Improve the customer care experience for end-users with added convenience and choice 
  • Notify users proactively and help resolve issues more quickly  
  • Boost technician efficiency, including the ability to run multiple chats simultaneously 

Here are a couple of screenshots that show the new feature:

The new chat feature uses the same chat widget that’s already available with Take Control and Remote Background Management sessions. The beauty of this update is that now you’re able to use it directly, without the need to first initiate a Take Control or RBM session. The only requirement is that the device in question has Take Control or RBM enabled, as the User Chat feature uses the Take Control agent.  

Here’s a summary of the User Chat features: 

  • The User Chat feature is available for Windows (we’ll look to add Mac in the future) 
  • Technicians can have multiple chat windows open at the same time 
  • Use Roles & Permissions to show or hide the feature for users (it is off by default for users based on the ‘client’ role) 
  • Chat sessions are logged in the User Audit Report 
  • A user can minimize the chat window and also highlight-&-copy chat text 
  • The chat window supports all standard RMM languages 
  • Devices require Take Control and/or RBM to be installed 
  • There’s no additional charge for the feature 

We’re planning to release the new User Chat feature to all territories in the next few days, so keep an eye out for the new feature the next time you log in – it will soon be there!

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