Windows 11 Upgrade via Patch Management UPDATE!

As announced last year both N-central and N-sight offer the ability to upgrade devices to Windows 11 via Patch Management.

We wanted to give you a heads up that a key bit of information has changed which you should be aware of.

As of June, Microsoft renamed the title of the patch from “Upgrade to Windows 11” to simply “Windows 11”. This would have likely caused some if not all of your devices to stop finding it in scans. After discussions with Microsoft, it was concluded this was not an error on their part and is the intended name from now on.

PME 2.7 now released on Tuesday included the capability to find the newer version of the upgrade and as of today, we are updating the backend with the newer version to offer it again after devices run a new detection scan.

For RMM customers this is still a manual-only approval patch, you should expect no issues with this however please do be aware of the name change prior to manually approving through the workflows.

For N-central customers who decline based on keywords please make sure you update any decline rules as needed so that it does not slip through the net.

Initial announcement:

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