N-able RMM: Updates to One-Click Agent Installer, New GA Agent, More Patch Management Apps, Sneak Peak of User Chat 

Today, we are pleased to let you know that we will be releasing several improvements to RMM’s main agent installer, designed to make it easier to work with and help you onboard devices more efficiently. 

The ‘one-click installer’ agent (also referred to as the ‘remote worker’ agent) is the simplest Windows and Mac agent to run for both technicians and end-users. As such, we’re making it the pre-eminent agent option in the UI, by adding an ‘Add Device’ button to the north pane, and an ‘Add Device’ link to the Agent and File menus.  

This launches a simple 2-step wizard to create the agent package: Just select the desired client and site, et voila. Whenever the agent is subsequently run, it will automatically add the device to the selected client and site.   

Here are a few screenshots that show the upcoming update:

  • New ‘Add Device’ button in the north pane:
  • New ‘Add Device’ options in the Agent and File menus:
  • Easy to use two-step wizard to create the agent installer:

We have also added an automated signing service in the backend so that the dynamically generated agent package is always digitally signed. This resolves an issue whereby Windows would sometimes show a security prompt caused by an unsigned binary. 

New Windows GA Agent, v10.12.4 

We’re pleased to let you know that we are promoting Windows Agent v10.12.4 to be the new GA Agent. This contains a series of improvements from the current GA Agent (v10.12.0), focusing on quality of service and reliability. Please upgrade to this latest GA agent at your early convenience. In keeping with the new Windows Agent upgrade process (see post for info), we’ll start to auto-upgrade to this latest Agent in a few weeks’ time.

Patch Management: More 3rd Party Apps Than Ever!  

As highlighted just the other day, RMM’s Patch Management now supports an additional five applications. This is just the latest in a series of updates to Patch as we continue to build out the 3rd party apps library. In the latest round, we have added support for the following:  

  • CrystalDiskInfo 
  • Cisco Webex Meetings 
  • Bullzip 
  • XNView MP 
  • Bitwarden 

Each of these were requested by partners, with more to come. If you have any specific requests, please reach out to chris.dunsmore@n-able.com so we can review and add them to our list. 

Sneak preview: User Chat  

We’re pleased to let you know that we are putting the finishing touches on a new User Chat feature, allowing technicians to have live two-way chats with end-users. It adds an additional IT helpdesk support channel, and allows you to help end-users more quickly and work more efficiently. 

Here are a few screenshots showcasing the upcoming feature, planned for release in July: 

Announcing retirement of the LogicCards feature 

Please be aware that we will shortly be retiring the LogicCards feature from RMM. After much discussion it was decided that the investment required to maintain and grow the feature was better allocated to other RMM projects. The LogicCards ‘bell’ icon top right in the dashboard will soon be removed and no longer show in RMM accounts. 

We would also like to remind you that Vipre Managed Antivirus will very soon be out of support, from June 27th. Any devices still using Vipre Managed Antivirus should switch to Bitdefender Managed Antivirus or EDR are your earliest convenience. For more info click here.

Summary for Service Release  
– Windows GA Agent, New agent installer, Patch updates, Retiring LogicCards 
– RMM Console v2022.06.14  
– Windows GA Agent v10.12.4 

RMM Console v2022.06.15 
FEATURE: Upgrades to one-click installer with improved menu placement and signing service
FEATURE: Five more apps supported in Patch Management
BUGFIX: Update to the QSL data export to resolve username field mapping issue
BUGFIX: Update to automation manager scripts to address encrypted field data submit issue
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue that in rare cases would prevent the removal of EDR checks when EDR was disabled

Windows v10.12.4 GA
Includes all the updates since the previous GA version, 10.12.0

Windows RC Agent v10.12.4
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue with the way the ‘ScriptRunner’ component uninstalls causing upgrade issues 
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue causing the Check Detection Scan to stop Sophos from auto-updating  

Windows Agent v10.12.3 
BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent issue with ScriptRunner folder being removed after agent update 
BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent issue with ScriptRunner creating an erroneous file on agent update

Windows RC Agent v10.12.2 
UPDATE: Improvements to feature registrations on installs for ScriptRunner, fmplugin, Take Control, Remote Background Management services 
UPDATE: Various agent hardening and stability improvements 

Windows RC Agent v10.12.1
UPDATE: Improve error logging for systray install failures
UPDATE: Improved fmplugin + script runner returns logic where version is missing

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