N-able RMM: Advance notice of End of Support for VIPRE-based Managed Antivirus

We want to let you know we will be retiring VIPRE-based Managed Antivirus in 2022. From June 27th, we will no longer provide support for VIPRE Managed Antivirus.  

For partners who still use the VIPRE option, we recommend that you switch over to the Bitdefender-based Managed Antivirus engine instead. Bitdefender was introduced in 2015 alongside VIPRE and offers many additional policy options, including Apple macOS support and disk encryption, as well as frequent engine upgrades.  

Switching from VIPRE to Bitdefender is straight forward and can be done using a migrate option. For more information, click here. You can see which devices are using VIPRE Managed Antivirus with the associated column in the devices north pane.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider N-able EDR, offering next generation protection against security threats in partnership with SentinelOne. Click here for more info.  


  • Beginning June 27th, 2022, we will no longer provide support for VIPRE Managed Antivirus in RMM
  • We will be removing VIPRE from RMM entirely at a subsequent date, which we will communicate with you in a future update 
  • Devices that still use VIPRE Managed Antivirus may no longer be protected from this date onward  
  • To ensure continued protection, please follow the VIPRE-to-Bitdefender migration steps outlined in the support document. You can check if you have any devices using VIPRE by running the Feature Policy Report available from the Reports menu or from RMM’s north pane 
  • If you want to find out more about EDR and start a trial, then please contact your account manager  
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