Announcing the GA of N-central 2022.2

What’s New in N-able N-central 2022.2

Preview Of Customizing The Port On Which The N-central UI Runs

One exciting new feature, available as a Preview in N-central 2022.2, is the ability to control the port on which the N-central UI runs. The goal of this feature is to allow our on-premise N-central Partners to increase the security of their N-central instance by by controlling how and if their N-central UI is exposed to the internet.
This feature is hidden behind a feature flag, meaning that it’s not visible or enabled by default. If you’re interested in trying out this functionality (read on for more details!), please send an e-mail to
This new capability is available at the System level, in the Administration → Mail and Network Settings → Network Setup page. As this feature is only in Preview, and is disabled by default, the N-central UI will continue to run on port 443 until you navigate to that page, and change the port value. Note that changing the port will restart several processes on your N-central server, which will log out anyone logged into the system.
In a future release of N-central, when we declare this feature to be GA (Generally Available), fresh installs of N-central will have the UI run on port 8443, and upgrades will have the UI port continue to be on port 443, so that the N-central administrator has the option to change the port at their convenience.

Pendo Integration

Pendo is a tool that is used throughout the majority of N-able products, and we are thrilled that we are able to include Pendo in N-central! Some of the key benefits of Pendo are:

  • It allows our UX and Product Management teams here at N-able to understand how and where you, our Partners, use the product, and where friction points (such as confusing or incomplete workflows) might exist.
  • It allows us to provide in-UI messaging when there are important changes, new features onboarding, or other critical messages that we need to tell you about.

For those of you using on-premise versions of N-central, you can gain access to these important messages, and help us make important design decisions from usage data, by allowing outbound HTTPS/443 access from your N-central server to the following URLs:

  • pendo-static*

But Wait, There’s More!

  • In order to address CVE-2018-1285, the version of Log4Net used by the Windows Agents, Windows
  • Probes, the SNMPv3 portion of Discovery Jobs, Automation Manager and the Topology Maps module has been updated to v2.0.12.0.
  • We’ve addressed a misbehaving bit of code in the All Devices View that was causing the page to load more slowly than it should. That bit of code has been taught its lesson, and is now a model citizen.
  • The UI framework (called Angular) used by the Topology Maps module has been upgraded to Angular v11; this lets us take advantage of the latest bug fixes and code changes in the Angular framework.
  • When attempting to access the N-central UI using HTTP, you’ll now be presented with a “Forbidden” message. N-central no longer redirects HTTP requests to the UI to HTTPS. N-able recommends that you update your N-central-related bookmarks to explicitly use https://.

You can download the installers for N-central 2022.2 , along with the Release Notes, Installation Guide and Security Whitepaper from the following page:

The NCOD Upgrade schedule is still being determined. We will provide another post when the schedule has been finalized.

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