Cove 22.6, including Standby Image feature

Cove Data ProtectionTM has released version 22.6, bringing enhancements, performance improvements and general availability of a new Standby Image feature.

Standby Image
Standby Image has moved from preview to general availability for users of Cove (formerly known as standalone backup). It is not available for users of the N-central or RMM integrated backup products at this time.

With Standby Image, Cove bridges the gap – providing the ease of cloud-first data protection as a service while fully meeting the demands of business-class disaster recovery. It was designed for MSPs and inhouse IT teams that want to deliver disaster recovery as a service (DraaS) with the lowest cost of service delivery, while enjoying unexpected operational simplicity.

Standby Image is an alternative to the already-available automated recovery testing feature. For one per-device price, partners can choose either:

• Automated, scheduled, fully hosted recovery testing, providing screen-shot recovery verification and a non-persistent VM, or
• Standby Image in the partner’s choice of environment, with screen-shot reporting and management from the recovery dashboard and a persistent VM ready for fast recovery

More information on this new feature is available here.

Manage standby images from a unified dashboard.

Microsoft 365
With this release, protection for Microsoft 365 has been enhanced in several ways. A new billing status filter has been added to the UI to clarify whether a specific mailbox is billable or not. New backup frequency and retention columns have also been added.

In addition, the speed for initial OneDrive and SharePoint backups has been improved by up to seven times, thanks to additional multi-threaded processes and other enhancements.

The UI showing protected users has been revised to clarify billing status.

Additional version and format support
Cove support for several new versions and formats has been added with this release, including:

• MySQL version 8.0.15 and newer
• VMware ESXi 7.0
• Microsoft short file names (8.3 file names)

Please note that Backup Manager version 22.6 is required to enable the short name support. Software-only customers (not using the Cove cloud) should verify that their storage node version is up to date.

When the backup agent is updated to version 22.6, the VDDK drivers are also updated(from version 6.0 to 7.0). To guarantee that old drivers are uninstalled from the system and the new drivers are working properly, please reboot the machine. A request to reboot is displayed if Cove detects any errors during uninstallation. These messages may also appear after the virtual drive update. Usually there is no need to reboot the machine, backup and restore will continue work, but in some cases, the operating system may prevent starting the new driver, and as a result, VMware data sources will not be supported properly.

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