N-able RMM: Service Release with Windows Agent Upgrades, Patch Management Enhancements, Cove Updates

Windows Agent Upgrades 

We’re pleased to let you know that we are releasing a new Windows RC agent, v.10.12.3 in the next couple of days, containing several monitoring enhancements. It’s the latest in a series of upgrades to the agent, including a new capability to update monitoring checks much more quickly to keep up with changes, for example to the Antivirus Update Check, without the need to go through a lengthy RC-to-GA agent cycle.

We are also introducing a new process to automatically upgrade Windows devices to the latest GA agent. We’re pleased to highlight that starting week of May 9th, Windows devices that are on agent versions earlier than v10.12.0 (the current GA agent) will automatically upgrade to this agent. It removes the need for partners to do this themselves while ensuring all devices are running the latest agent with all the feature upgrades, bug fixes and security updates it contains. 

Patch Management Enhancements 

We’re also very pleased to highlight the latest updates to Patch Management in RMM, with the release of yet more third party applications! It’s now possible to patch Microsoft Edge, Evernote, Inkscape and more – you can see all the supported applications with latest version details here.  

Updates to Cove Data Protection in RMM 

We’re super excited about the launch of Cove Data Protection, N-able’s cloud-first data protection service for servers, workstations and Microsoft 365 data. In RMM, it means we are renaming ‘N-able Backup’ to ‘Cove Data Protection’ for standalone Cove monitoring (click here for details on how to monitor Cove Data Protection in RMM). The update will be applied to the Backup Check, the app switcher and a couple of references in the north pane tooltips and in reports. Note that the integrated ‘Backup & Recovery’ feature is unaffected by this update and stays the same.

Reminder: Windows XP and Server 2003 end-of-life

We also would like to remind partners that any remaining Windows XP and Server 2003 devices will stop communicating to the RMM dashboard in the coming days. As announced last July, these legacy operating systems went out of support on October 1st, and will now finally stop connecting to RMM.  

Note, it is possible to monitor Windows XP and Server 2003 systems as network devices. To do so, go to the Networks tab to scan a network, then look the device up under Connected Devices, right click and select ‘Monitor Device 

Summary for Service Release 
– Windows Agent RC update, Patch updates, Cove name update 
– RMM Console v2022.05.05 
– Windows RC Agent v10.12.3

RMM Console v2022.05.05 
UPDATE: Five more Patch Management 3rd party apps added 
UPDATE: Standalone ‘N-able Backup’ monitoring updated to ‘Cove Data Protection’ in north pane tooltip, summary tab and reports 
UPDATE: Renaming former ‘N-able Backup’ to ‘Cove Data Protection’ for new and existing Backup Checks (update in progress) 
UPDATE: Now it’s possible to use Network Discovery’s agent push install on devices with manually edited OS data 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting Sophos in the Antivirus Update Check (requires GA agent 10.12.0 and up)  
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue affecting sorting of Agent Version column in north pane 

Windows Agent v10.12.3 
BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent issue with ScriptRunner folder being removed after agent update 
BUGFIX: Resolve intermittent issue with ScriptRunner creating an erroneous file on agent update

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