SolarWinds RMM: Active Issues Client Filter, SolarWinds Backup Monitoring and EDR Enhancements

Let’s start this week’s update with a quick recap of all the features we released in the month of October!

New Client Filter for Active Issues

On to today’s release – we’re pleased to let you know that we have added a new client filter to the Active Issues view, making it easier for you to drill down to specific customers. It supports multi-select so you can set exactly the customer scope you care for. Here’s a screenshot of the new option…

Improved SolarWinds Backup Monitoring

We’re introducing some monitoring improvements for standalone SolarWinds Backup in RMM. We’re now able to indicate when the devices in question have SolarWinds Backup installed, thanks to an improved feature status in the north pane and south pane.

We’ll also soon be enhancing the SolarWinds Backup Check to offer more automated monitoring in this scenario, so stay tuned for further updates.

Integrated Endpoint Detection & Response Feature Update

Note that we’re now showing the EDR feature status when you move a device between clients and sites, so you know if this update is going to affect EDR along with any other installed features.

Summary for Service Release
– Active Issues update, Backup monitoring, EDR updates
– RMM Console v2020.11.11
– No agent change

RMM Console v2020.11.11
FEATURE: New client filter for Active Issues
UPDATE: Integrated Endpoint Detection and Response is now represented in the Move Devices – Preview options
UPDATE: Improved status for standalone SolarWinds Backup monitoring
UPDATE: Renaming former ‘MAX Backup’ to ‘SolarWinds Backup’ for new and existing Backup Checks (update in progress)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue truncating script check results for an Automation Manager script

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