COMING SOON: New Helpdesk look and feel utilizing power available in Workspaces

Welcome back, let’s kick off a new year with some news on an upcoming feature.

Helpdesk has been updated with a refreshed look and feel, real-time filters and ticket list!  All the benefits of Workspaces are reeled into the Helpdesk you use every day!

Extra filter options, including Assets, gives a nicer way to drill in to different Status types, Created Date, Priority, Ticket Type/Issue Type and Unread Responses (all new to the Helpdesk)! 

Bulk Merge is brought in, as well as Ticket Archiving for those of you that don’t need billing.  You can also mark all responses as read for multiple tickets.

Want to see what filters are applied to your ticket list?  Hover over the filter icon.

Watch the software for the next upcoming weeks for some in-product messaging about how you can start utilizing this new Helpdesk!

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