SolarWinds RMM: Service Release with New Windows GA Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that we have promoted the latest Windows Agent, v10.9.16, to be the new Generally Available (GA) agent. This version includes a number of feature improvements, bug fixes and security updates over the last few weeks and months

It’s important that you regularly update your RMM Agents, please migrate your Windows devices to this latest version at your early convenience. You can do this for all your devices by clicking ‘Agent’ in the top menu bar, then select ‘Agent auto-update settings’.

To remind you, our latest Linux v2 agent (see RC and GA for details) is greatly improved and we very much encourage you to deploy the new version on any Linux devices still running the old v1 agent. The Mac Agent has also received many updates in the last few weeks, with the latest RC supporting Remote Background Management and the current Mac GA offering Apple profile configurations.

Summary for Release
– Service release with new Windows GA Agent
– RMM Console v2020.10.01
– Windows GA Agent v10.9.16

RMM Console v2020.10.01
BUGFIX: Ensure the Mac Device Management option in Settings menu adheres to Roles & Permissions setting
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with line formatting in outage email alerts

Windows GA Agent v10.9.16​
Includes all the updates since the previous GA agent (v10.9.12)

Windows Agent 10.9.16 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.17.1 used by Automation Manager
UPDATE: Take Control agent update for TeamViewer v12 (* see note below for details)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting Acronis Backup in the Backup Check

Windows Agent 10.9.15 RC
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.17 used by Automation Manager
UPDATE: Automatically install Patch Management Engine 1.2.8

Windows Agent RC v10.9.14​
UPDATE: Apply improved thresholds for performance monitoring checks when running the check detection scan​
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with Site Concentrator credentials causing Patch Management downloads to fail​ – NOTE: Site Concentrator needs to be disabled then re-enabled for this fix to take effect
BUGFIX: Ensure devices with proxies configured before Patch Management is enabled pass the proxy info to PME​
BUGFIX: Resolve SysTray ‘save and email screenshot’ issue with ticketing systems

Windows RC Agent v10.9.13
UPDATE: Upgrade agent to automatically install ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.16 used by Automation Manager

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