SolarWinds Backup Release 20.10

Release 20.10 includes more enhancements in the continuing improvement of Microsoft 365 backup capabilities and enhancements to the automated Recovery Testing feature.

Microsoft 365:
A new menu option makes it faster and easier to perform common tasks on all Microsoft 365 domains and accounts at once.

20 10 image 1

In addition, new filter options are available in the Microsoft 365 History tab. These filters can be applied or removed individually or as a group.

20 10 image 2

Recovery Testing:
Microsoft SQL Server has been added as a new data source for recovery testing, in addition to files and folders and system state backups.

Also, the ability to remove devices from a Recovery Testing plan has been extended to the Manager user role, in addition to SuperUsers. The ability to add devices to a plan is still restricted to the SuperUser role

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