SolarWinds RMM: Remote Background Manager for Mac, Take Control Session Auto-Record, Patch Management Updates

Remote Background Manager for Mac

In this week’s release, we’re excited to add the ability for you to run Remote Background Manager sessions on Mac workstations.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.04.19 AM

It works exactly the same as for Windows: You can enable RBM on an individual Mac from its Edit Device dialog, and you can add it to all Macs across your clients and sites using the ‘Settings’ dialog – just click ‘Settings’ in the top menu bar, then Remote Background Management > Settings.

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 9.02.53 AM

RBM for Mac requires macOS version 10.12 and up and the latest Mac RC agent, v3.5.0, which we’re releasing alongside this update and is expected to be available in all territories by Friday. 

Auto-Record Option for Take Control Sessions

In the next couple of days we’re also enabling the option for you to automatically record any Take Control sessions that use the SolarWinds engine. It means no more gaps at the very beginning of a Take Control session, or risk a technician forgetting to hit the record button. Just open up any of your saved Take Control policies (go to Settings > Take Control > Policy), then select the new auto-record option on the ‘General’ Tab.

tc session autorecord

All recordings are automatically stored in the default location, under the Viewer’s install folder – there is a shortcut to this folder in Documents.

Patch Management Engine v1.2.9

With the latest PME update, we’re happy to bring you the ability to see superseded Cumulative Updates.  Don’t want your customers on the bleeding edge of monthly updates?  Have rigorous testing as part of your patch deployments? This PME update ensures that Cumulative Updates don’t disappear on you, allowing you to deploy a safe version while testing the latest. 

This works by showing you all Cumulative Updates available to a device, up to the version that is presently installed on that device. Don’t want to install an older update?  That’s ok!  Just approve and install the latest and you’re good to go. Our patch engine takes care of the rest.

This release also solves several customer bugs, please refer to the release notes below for details.

Summary for Release
– Service release with RBM for Mac, Take Control auto-record, PME v1.2.9
– RMM Console v2020.09.10
– Mac RC 3.5.0

RMM Console v2020.09.10
FEATURE: Remote Background Manager for Mac workstations (requires macOS 10.12 and Mac Agent 3.5.0)
FEATURE: Auto-record Take Control sessions (SolarWinds engine)
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting cloned Monitoring Templates, ‘clone’ option restored

Patch Management Engine v1.2.9
FEATURE: See and manage superseded Cumulative Updates
BUGFIX: CacheService cache size is not reverting to the requested size
BUGFIX: PME installer failing with “%1 is not a valid Win32 application, ProgID: “WBEMScripting.SWBEMLocator”
BUGFIX: Windows Server 2019 Cumulative Updates are unable to install
BUGFIX: Send complete installation date & time

Mac RC v3.5.0
FEATURE: Remote Background Manager for Mac workstations (the feature requires macOS v10.12 and up)

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