Take Control: September Customer Service Release

In keeping with our commitment to prioritize Customer Service, we are happy to announce the that we have updates for our Mac Viewer, our Linux Agent and our iOS console.  

The Mac Viewer changes will be made available to all Take Control partners – those using Take Control integrated with RMM or N-central, as well as those using standalone Take Control or Take Control Plus.  

Summary for Release 
– Customer Service release with component updates for Mac, iOS and Linux 
– Mac Viewer 6.00.18 
– Linux Agent 0.00.21 
– iOS Applet: 1.0.7 

Mac Viewer 6.00.18 
BUGFIX: Addresses crashing issue when going full screen 
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue with the Take Control popup  
BUGFIX: Resolve an issue with Viewer Permissions within MacOS 

Linux Agent 0.00.20 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with remote screen locking 

iOS Applet: 1.0.7 
BUGFIX: Resolve issue with versioning 

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