MSP Manager Update – Knowledge Passwords, Task Display, Workspace Fit to Screen, Location in Reports, QBD Mappings

Let’s get straight to the point about passwords in Knowledge, is what you asked of us.  So we made sure you could access your passwords in-line in your Knowledge list.  What a time saver!  You can still create templates with more than one password, and each one will be displayed in-line while displaying a count in the credential column.  You can also identify unprotected passwords, as they will appear with an “eye” rather than a “lock”.

There’s a lot to keep track of in a day.  We’re trying to make that a bit easier, with the nice Tasks display in the ticket view.  The count goes down as you check them off your list, to get to a satisfying, green 0!


Got a big screen?  We’ve added a “Fit To Screen” option to Workspaces.  This means your right-most widgets will anchor to your screen size, and adapt the columns based on the available size too!  We’ve already updated the Helpdesk Template too!

By demand, a Location column was on the CSV exports of our Ticket Exports as well as the Tickets and Timesheet reports beside the Customer column, so you can have a bit more detail.

Lastly for this release, we are releasing updates to our Quickbooks Desktop mappings, bringing the same capabilities that were made available in QuickBooks Online.  This change makes it easy to identify incorrect configurations, map things more granularly and pick from a download list in order to avoid any misconfigurations.

The following issues were solved with this release:

  • Hour Retainer service plan incorrectly calculating the overage
  • Unable to delete user
  • Workspace widgets or menus overlapping
  • New tickets do not default to taxable when the customer is set to taxable
  • Sort Users does not work unless you refresh page
  • Multiple default Service Item/Plans on Customer >Service Items
  • Unable to merge tickets due to duplicate users

We are continuing our quest to move all your Legacy Knowledge to the enhanced, searchable Knowledge area.  Can we start with yours, as we monitor our first few migrations to ensure flawless execution?  Please ping me!

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