SolarWinds Backup Release 20.9

Release 20.9 includes time-saving usability enhancements to the user interface for Microsoft 365 protection, as well as improvements to, and expansion of, the automated Recovery Testing feature. 

Microsoft 365:

We made several design improvements to the user interface to enhance the ease of use and efficiency of this feature. Specifically:

  • More information is now available from the Overview tab, including a color-coded view of backup status from the last 28 days.

    Sept Rel notes first image

  • Exchange and OneDrive® information have been combined under a single tab—to make it easier to see and manage selections for both components consistently.
  • Additional filter options on the History tab make it easier to view backup and restore sessions according to specific parameters.
  • Security officers now have the option to delete an entire data source (such as Exchange or OneDrive), where they previously had to delete sites and users individually.
  • The Backup and Restore Jobs tab now has a badge showing how many are in progress without having to open the tab.

    Sept release notes second

Recovery Testing:

With this release, larger servers can be enrolled in automated Recovery Testing, as servers up to two TB in size are now supported. In addition, we have added South Africa and Brazil to the list of countries where the feature is available. This means customers with data stored in North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Latin America, and Africa can now take advantage of this feature.

In addition, several user interface and functional enhancements have been made to the Recovery Testing feature, including:

  • Improved boot detection for Windows® to resolve a previous issue where, in some cases, the screen shot was taken before the VM boot was complete.
  • The donut charts on the Recovery Testing console have been relabeled to clarify the intervals being reported.

Sept release notes third

Backup Management console:

The left navigation bar has been restructured and divided into three sections, for Backup, Recovery Testing, and Management. The Management section now includes the “scheduled email” option, to make reporting setup easier to find.

sept release fourth

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