SolarWinds Take Control: Latest Updates

Customer feedback is our main source of inspiration for our feature roadmap, so we’re delighted to showcase our next series of enhancements for Take Control standalone (Take Control and Take Control Plus).

This release brings new languages, video capabilities, and compliance control enhancements to Take Control, and makes changes to all components of the solution —  Admin Area, Console and Agents & Applets. So buckle up and here are the exciting details!

We’re delighted to announce that we have added German, French and Italian language support in addition to English, Portuguese and Spanish. Or in other words…hervorragend, fantastique, and meraviglioso!


Passportal Integration enhancements:
For partners with a large Passportal password management estate, we’ve added enhanced Search features to faster credential locating, because every second counts.



Mass Management of installed Take Control Agents:
For Partners who leverage our Take Control Agents for unattended access, one of our top enhancement requests has been the ability to deploy settings to existing agent installations without the need to reinstall. For the first time ever, our partners will be able to dial up their security settings on a large number of agents all at the same time.


But more than this: for partners who operate within compliance sensitive environments, we’ve added controls so that settings that could compromise compliance cannot be administratively disabled.

For this purpose we’ve added technician permissions that for security purposes will be launched in an “Off” state, but can be administratively enabled.



Introducing Video Access to our Mobile Platforms

Following on from the recent introduction of Video Calling, we’re delighted to introduce Video Access to our Take Control Applet, for Android OS.

Now when you take control of an Android Device with the use of the Take Control Applet, (available here in the Google Play store),  a technician can see, in real time, what the end device camera is seeing. That means that through an end user, you can have an onsite camera available to look at hardware issues, wiring setups, or any number of other problems, potentially saving you onsite visits!

Bulk Technician Import

Finally, in response to popular demand, we’ve enabled a way to bulk import technicians and assign default permission profiles using an API call. This is a handy way for IT Providers with many techs to get up and running quickly.





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