SolarWinds Take Control: Video calling

We are very pleased to announce our latest stand alone Take Control release 7.00.07. This release, which includes an updated Windows Agent, Windows Console & Viewer revision in addition to a variety of customer-driven improvements, also includes our latest feature: In-session video calling!

All the details…

In version 7.00.07 for Windows, after you launch a Take Control session, you will now have a new option on the drop-down menu to “Start Video Call”.


Selecting this option immediately instantiates a video call request to your connected partner. That person can accept or reject your request.

Rejecting simply drops the inbound call, and in no way impacts the session itself. Accepting the call will immediately launch our video conferencing allowing a two-way exchange of voice and video stream. As with VoIP calls, your primary audio device will be enabled by default – now we’re adding in your primary camera device as well to enable video calling. This is particularly handy if the end user wants to show the technician something that will help troubleshooting on their end – a cabling configuration, port setup, etc. 

Also in this release, we’re making a major enhancement to our Admin Area in the form of our new Take Control Widget:


This new Widget allows users to quickly see the support request queue, how licences are being consumed at that moment, and offers simple ways for techs to  both  create and transfer sessions – and it’s all in one overlaid dialog box!

Note:  Introduced with this new Widget is the ability to administratively disable your local licence consumption.  It’s as easy as switching the toggle to “Off”; you will terminate your use of licence BUT you will be able to continue to perform other administrative functions, such as running reports, designing surveys, and so on:



Summary of release:

Windows Agent, Viewer & Console 7.00.07
FEATURE: Added Video calling Agent based (Unattended) sessions
FEATURE: Added Session Widget to Administration Area
FEATURE: Added ability to disable license consumtion on the Admin Area
FEATURE: Ensure TCP 3377 is configurable as a backup connectivity port
FEATURE: Update the powershell interaction to advise on <V5 interactions
UPDATE: Revision on the “Blank Screen” option
UPDATE: Added greater detail to Admin area audit notifications
UDPATE: Updated Calendar interactions on Admin area
BUGFIX: resolve the application estimation size of 0KB

Mac Agent, Applet and Conslole 6.00.05
FEATURE: Allows users to see administrative functions
BUGFIX: Resolve issue where session could lose connection folloing a restart command




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