SolarWinds RMM: New Features for the At-a-Glance Dashboard

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re rolling out a set of updates this week to the recently introduced graphical dashboard in RMM, as we continue to enhance this area based on the great customer feedback we received.

In this week’s update, we’re adding the following new features:

  • A refresh button with time of the last update
  • The option to make the new dashboard your default landing page on login
  • An full screen mode to show the widgets dashboard as a wall chart
  • An easy to use ‘add device’ wizard for creating agent packages for clients and sites

We expect to roll the update out to all territories over the coming days. Here’s more detail of what’s in store…

Refresh button with timestamp

Now you can see exactly when the dashboard last updated, with a button to quickly refresh the view to make sure it’s showing the very latest device and feature statuses.

new dash refresh

Set dashboard as default login screen

Now you can optionally set the new dashboard as your default login screen. This setting applies individually to each user.

new dash default screen

Expand to full screen

There’s now an easy way to expand the dashboard to full screen width, for example to show the dashboard on a demo screen or as a wall chart. We’re working on a next update to auto-refresh the widgets to further support the wall chart use case.

New ‘Add device’ wizard

It’s now easier than ever to create an agent package for a particular client and site: just click ‘Add device’, then select the customer, site and the OS of the agent – the wizard will then automatically generate the agent installation package.

It also allows you to quickly add a new client and site, so you don’t have to jump around between menus. The add device, client and site features are supported by existing roles and permissions, so only users with the right options enabled settings will see the settings.

Step 1: Select client, site and OS

new dash add device 1

Step 2: Download the agent, ready to install

new dash add device 2

We’re pleased to bring you this set of enhancements for the new at-a-glance dashboard, with more work underway. Please continue to share your feedback with us – to suggest feature enhancements and to vote on requests submitted by others, head on over to the Customer Success Center and click the Ideas section.


Summary for Service Release:
– Service release with enhancements to the graphical dashboard
– Dashboard v2019.07.12

Summary of Release:
FEATURE: New ‘Add device’ wizard
FEATURE: Refresh button with timestamp on the graphical dashboard
FEATURE: Set new graphical dashboard as your homepage
FEATURE: Expand dashboard to full screen

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