SolarWinds RMM Introduces All New At-a-Glance Dashboard

If you’ve ever wished you had one place where you could see some of the workstation or server issues that most urgently need your attention, now you do! We are pleased to announce the release of a new RMM graphical dashboard available with one click from the left navigation panel. This dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of your clients’ monitored workstations, servers, and integrated applications so you can spot a variety of issues that may need your attention quickly. And when you’re ready to go back to the “classic” dashboard, it’s just one click away.

The rollout of the new feature is in progress, over the coming days you can expect to see the new dashboard view appear in your RMM account – simply click the new icon in the left-side navigation bar to see and use the new option. Here’s an example screenshot of how it looks:

new dash

The widget chart types and colors were carefully designed to convey status at a glance. Clicking on any widget takes you directly to a filtered view of the highlighted devices so you can get to work quickly. The dashboard even offers some filtered views you haven’t had before, such as being able to see all cleared checks or most recent server reboots.

Two of the widgets offer a panoramic look at the device types and operating systems within your monitoring estate. And the lower pane of the dashboard shows the installation status of four key protection features: Patch Management, Managed Antivirus, Backup, and Web Protection.

We’re excited to offer such a fresh way to look at your monitored workstations and servers and welcome your suggestions for future enhancements. The dashboard will remain in Beta status as we add features and capabilities in the coming months.

Please note that due to compatibility, the Internet Explorer 11 browser will not load all the widgets or click through. 

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