SolarWinds Mail Assure: April 22nd Features and Update Release


Filtering (services): 

  • Resolved: fixed an issue where the logging data would not reflect that a message was archived, when the local part of the address had mixed casing and some but not all recipients had whitelisted the message (MMA-1156) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue handling logging messages with invalid local parts (MMA-1194) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue logging outgoing messages when using multiple logging servers and the “enable archiving for all domains” functionality (MMA-1212) 

Front-end / GUI: 

  • Resolved: fixed adding a country-based simple custom filtering rule (MMA-1195) 
  • Resolved: fixed an issue editing the same blacklisted sender entry twice (MMA-1105) 
  • Resolved: fixed adding custom actions that contain parentheses (MMA-1173) 
  • Changed: removed the ability to investigate delivery issues (e.g. delays) for messages that have been delivered, from the log search (MMA-1189) 
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