MSP Manager Update – Workspaces Sharing, On-The-Fly Filter, Time Rounding

This week’s MSP Manager update adds great new functionality to Workspaces!

Shared Workspaces allow you to share your personal Workspaces to your whole team, allowing easy deployment of customization for the whole organization and ensuring consistency.  Permissions allow specific technicians to manage the shared Workspaces while everyone else can benefit from them.

If you’re exploring Workspaces for the first time, visit our Templates section, where we’ve prepared some useful views for you.  Use the Export as Personal button if you would like to save a copy and edit/share them to your team!

Idea: Use a Markdown widget as a notification board to easily post notices to the whole team.

Did you know?: We even have a clock widget.  Very handy if you’re supporting multiple time zones!

Our Workspaces filters have been updated.  They can be expanded to an “On-The-Fly” widget panel.  By configuring the panel settings, you can choose to hide specific areas, keeping things tidy and efficient (and mindful of screen size!)  This now rounds out our filter abilities by allowing for quick filtering of tickets while giving you those saved-state filters with Heads Up Display style counts and conditional formatting, all with contextual linking for quick switching between ticket lists!

A Grace Period Rounding was added to your General Company Settings.  The grace period will prevent the Time Entry Rounding from applying within that time frame, avoiding that 1 hour charge for a 31 minute time entry (depending on your time entry grace period settings).  By default, this value will remain at 0.

We’ve added the ability to re-send an activation email to your pending user accounts, in case something went wrong in the delivery process.

An Owner indicator flag was added in the list of user accounts, so you can tell which account is almighty!

We’ve also fixed the following list of bugs:

  • Attachment stripped from ticket request
  • Workflow generated tickets not displaying Completed Date
  • Responses/Ticket details add additional empty lines
  • Helpdesk “Completed Last Month’ filter is inaccurate
  • QBO synchronization issue
  • “X” button not working in Knowledge linking tab
  • Ticket Queues including Completed Tickets
  • Knowledge exported to PDF does not show Rich Text fields
  • Ticket URL from the Customer > Tickets page opens the All Ticket list
  • Workspaces ticket list not properly ordering list on initial load
  • Cannot import QBO items due to maximum length of 50 characters error
  • View Rates permissions not honored by Workspaces

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