MSP Manager Public API

We are very excited to announce that the Public API for MSP Manager is now generally available. The Public API allows you to read virtually all of the data stored in your MSPM Company, as well as basic write operations for Companies, Locations, Contacts, Assets, Tickets, Time Entries & some Service Item updates.

Build Custom Reports

You now have the power to create custom reports to meet the needs of your business and your customers.

Automate Updates & Integrate with 3rd Party Tools

MSP Manager’s Public API is a REST API. Use Postman, Powershell, Visual Studio or other code tools to write automation scripts to read and update data in MSP Manager. Integrate MSPM with your CRM tool to push Customer, Contact & Location data into MSPM. Automatically create tickets based on criteria detected in other systems. The possibilities are endless.

Swagger Documentation

Access the Swagger documentation to discover all available endpoints, operations, parameters and return codes. You can even test each of the endpoints directly within the Swagger UI.

For more information regarding the MSP Manager Public API, please refer to our online documentation

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