MSP Manager – User Consent for Individual MS Mailboxes

MSP Manager has added User authorization flow for personal mailboxes as well as individual M365 mailboxes. You can now add an or individual mailbox in an M365 account as a Monitored Mailbox using Microsoft’s User Consent authorization.

To add an individual MS Mailbox, navigate to Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Ticket Mailboxes.

Choose ‘Add Individual MS Mailbox’

When prompted, select the account containing your mailbox. Choose ‘Use another account’ if you are not currently logged into the MS account.

When prompted, grant consent for MSPM to read from the mailbox. Depending on the type of account you choose, the consent prompt may look slightly different.

Individual M365 mailbox consent
Personal account consent

Finally, choose the settings for the mailbox and click save.

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