N-able N-sight: Service Release with Automation Manager and Agent Updates

We’re pleased to let you know we’ve have released a couple of agent updates with performance improvements to monitoring and scripting.

First up, there’s a new Automation Manager agent, ScriptRunner v2.50.1, with improvements to custom scripts and tasks. Secondly, there’s a new Windows RC Agent, v10.13.1 with an update to the Group Policy installer and an upcoming feature enhancement to how N-sight can detect and apply Windows Service Checks on endpoints for monitoring.

We would also like to draw your attention to the recent enhancements released in MSP Manager, N-sight’s ticketing and billing solution. Now you can use the Live User Chat feature introduced in N-sight not too long ago directly from MSP Manager as well. For details and more, check out the latest release post.

Summary for Service Release
– Windows RC Agent, ScriptRunner Agent
– N-sight Console v2022.10.27
– Windows RC Agent 10.13.1

N-sight Console v2022.10.27
UPDATE: Web Protection infrastructure improvements focused on network performance
BUGFIX (RMM-48836) –  Fixes an issue with “Edit Checks Like This” alert settings, so the changes are reflected immediately in the South Pane Checks grid
BUGFIX (RMM-45850) – Resolve issue affecting Vipre for Business detection in the Antivirus Update Check
BUGFIX (RMM-49483) – Resolve issue affecting Mobile Device Inventory Report

Automation Manager v2.50.1
BUGFIX (AM-2730) – Resolve issue so that Install Software from FTP allows SFTP connections 
BUGFIX (AM-2927) – Resolve issue with object ‘Reboot Prompt’ to initiate reboot when exceeding the delay time 
BUGFIX (AM-2915) – Resolve error – “Exception encountered System.InvalidOperationException” 
BUGFIX (AM-2809) – Resolve error – “Exception encountered System.Runtime.Serialization. SerializationException: Type ‘PolicyExecution” 
BUGFIX (AM-2855) – Fixed issue with Office365 Create Distribution Group object 
BUGFIX (AM-2987) – Resolve issue causing ScriptRunner agent to cause CPU spikes 

Windows Agent v10.13.1 RC
UPDATE (RMM-46033) – Option to apply specified windows service checks on monitoring installation templates or those auto-detected (upcoming enhancement, not yet released in UI)
BUGFIX (RMM-49393) – Agents losing proxy settings for Group Policy installer

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