MSP Manager Release 4.38.0

We would like to share with you some recent updates to MSP Manager.

Two-way User Chat

Using the same chat widget that is already in Take Control and N-sight, you can now initiate a chat session from several different location in MSP Manager – on the Asset editor or list, within a ticket or on the Workspaces Asset Details Widget.

Ticket Editor
Workspaces Asset Details Widget

The asset in question must have the Take Control agent installed. We will be adding chat transcript history in tickets in the near future, but will only apply to sessions initiated after that feature is released.

This feature will be rolling out to all regions in the next days, so keep your eyes out for it in your MSPM company soon.

Ticket Number and Ticket Title in Browser Tab

We know that you have several MSPM tickets open at once. We also know that makes it challenging to find the ticket you are looking for from those many tabs. So to make that easier, we have added the Ticket Number and Title to the browser tab when you open a ticket in a new window.

We have added this feature to our new Ticket Editor Refresh Preview, so if you would like to take advantage of this new functionality, please reach out to me directly –

As well, we have resolved the following customer-reported issues:

  • Set the priority of the ticket based on priority set on the portal request in workflow rules
  • Users cannot change language in My Account if they don’t have the Edit User permissions.
  • Contacts dropdown doesn’t show all contacts in the new ticket editor
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