Passportal Release – Articles update

New feature – Articles update

We are excited to announce we have upgraded our Articles editor, This brings additional toolbar options as well an updated look and feel to the page. as well as 4 new features.

Improvements include:
Page break to better control flow of elements in the page for print support

Image improvements:

  • Click insert image button will automatically open up file explorer for image upload
  • Support for image captions
  • Resize image by dragging corner handles without having to input width and height

Table improvements:

  • Add or remove columns and rows, and merge or split cells easily
  • Modify the look of tables and table cells (border color and style, background color, padding, or text alignment)
  • Table column resizable

Checklist option:

  • Ability to add checklists directly into articles

New quick Save actions added to documents

You can now quickly add new documents with 2 new options:

  • Save & Exit
  • Save & Create New

Agent Key has changed locations

The agent key will now be displayed if you have the correct permissions, in the main edit client section this is the same key that is required for the PowerShell sync.

Please let us know any improvements you want to see by submitting to our Ideas center

Summary for Release   

  • Articles upgrade
  • PowerShell sync ad agent key location change
  • Fixed an issue where security groups list not displaying correctly in some locations
  • Fixed an issue where N-able RMM take control quick launch not working on some assets
  • Fixed an issue where that caused an error when attempting to move credentials between folders with the same name
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error to be displayed when loading some company vaults with complex folder structures
  • Minor bug fixes and wording changes

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