N-able RMM: New Mac RC Agent with macOS ‘Monterey’ Support

Hot on the heels of the Windows 11 Support announcement, we’re very pleased to let you know that we are also adding support for Apple’s latest macOS, the ‘Monterey’ macOS v12 release. This OS update is still in preview at this time, and is Apple’s successor to macOS ‘Big Sur’. The new Mac Agent v3.8.0 (RC) means that RMM will be Monterey compatible from day one.  

We’re able to work ahead of Apple’s general release thanks to N-able’s dedicated Mac development team, responsible for the introduction of Apple Device Management for Macs, iPhones and iPads. This comes with Push Notification Certificates support, configuration profiles and remote commands for complete Apple device management.  

You may notice that the download is a bit bigger than before. This is because Apple announced some time ago that macOS will eventually stop including integrated scripting environments. We are therefore removing our dependency on the included Python, and bundling our own Python 3 instead. All the Agent scripts and functions that rely on Python will use our bundled version. We are also investigating how best to support customer-uploaded scripts when this change becomes official in macOS.  

We’re also pleased to confirm we are close of offering support for macOS Monterey in N-central as well. It’s currently planned for the 2021.3 release in November, say tuned for further updates nearer the time.   

The release is currently rolling out across the territories and expected to be available to all partners by end of Friday.  

Summary for Release  
– Service release with macOS Agent support for Monterey  
– RMM Console v2020.10.07  
– Mac Agent v3.8.0 RC  

Mac Agent v3.8.0 RC  
FEATURE: macOS v12 ‘Monterey’ support  
FEATURE: Dependency on builtin macOS python2 eliminated, python3 bundled with the Agent  
UPDATE: Certificate changed to “N-able Technologies Inc.”  
UPDATE: TeamViewer and MDMHelper feature versions upgraded  
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue when Agent has communication troubles with Take Control  
BUGFIX: Small Monterey compatibility fixes 

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