SolarWinds RMM: New Mac RC Agent with Support for macOS Security Posture

We’re excited to announce that we are rolling out a new Mac Agent this week, version 3.4.0, with a new capability to ease your deployment of features like Managed Antivirus and Take Control on Macs running newer operating systems such as Mojave and Catalina.

Current versions of the Agent – and its features – require extra approvals from the end-user to comply with Apple’s new security posture for macOS.  For example, Managed Antivirus needs approval of a kernel extension and macOS prompts your user for this.  The new Mac Agent 3.4.0 RC can handle these approvals automatically.

In order to handle these approvals, there are two steps to follow after upgrading your Macs to Agent 3.4.0.

First, set up your RMM account with an Apple push notification certificate.  In the RMM Dashboard select Mac Device Management from the Settings menu.

Walk through the steps here to provide a CSR to Apple, and install the certificate that Apple returns to you.

Once the push notification certificate is set, you will see a renewal reminder in this dialog. Now you are ready for the next step.

Next, your Macs running RMM Agent 3.4.0 RC will ask the user to install an Enrollment Profile.  

The Agent provides a wizard to the user with your company name – and your branding assets if present – to walk them through the steps.

Once they have successfully completed enrollment, you will see the status in the Summary tab of the Dashboard.

At this point, activating features such as Take Control, Backup, and Managed Antivirus will not prompt the user to approve kernel extensions, Full Disk Access, or Accessibility controls.  The RMM Agent will automatically approve those settings.

In the future, more options will be available through the Mac Device Management menus without requiring these steps again.

Summary for Service Release
– New Mac RC Agent with support for security posture for macOS
– RMM Console v2020.01.08
– Mac Agent RC 3.4.0

RMM Console v2020.01.08
FEATURE: Mac support for Apple new security posture for macOS
UPDATE: Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender (MAV-BD) now includes the new ATC technology for servers. The new ATC brings with it newer and better analysis capabilities and better detection rates.
BUGFIX: Correct decimal point display issue in Disk Space Change alerts
BUGFIX: Resolve UI bug in French language dashboard when clearing a check

Mac Agent v3.4.0 Release Candidate (RC)
FEATURE: Mac support for Apple new security posture for macOS
FEATURE: Ability to use the ‘get_site_installation_package’ API call with the Mac agent

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