MSP Manager Update – Ticket Search and QBO Customers Update

I believe my first release post of the year must begin with a Happy New Year!

With that said, I’m very happy to announce that we are releasing great new functionality on our ticket search.  Our ticket search will now automatically search locally and provide results as-you-type.  Pressing Enter or the Search button on your search, should the local results not find the ticket(s) you are looking for, will do a full database search.  The search will include ticket contents such as details, resonses, notes, technician names, contacts etc.  In addition, our new search architecture is much faster than before!!!  We will begin this feature rollout today Jan 13 ‘20, with an expected completion date to all accounts by Friday Jan 17 ’20.

Following on our QBO integration enhancements released in December, we have added a Customers tab in addition to the new Services tab, allowing you to easily manage and map all your MSP Manager customers with your Accounting customers at a glance.  Your customers will now be automatically pulled from QBO and made available in a list, rather than being typed.  Auto-mapping capabilities have also been added when customer names already match between the services.  This capability has already been fully depoyed.

Today’s update also addresses the below issues:

  • Unable to add contact/user in MSP Manager when contact was previously deleted
  • Changing culture to Arabic (Egypt) sets rate template monetary value back to 0
  • Tech cant see Requests in Queue
  • Ticket responses encoded incorrectly
  • Tickets and Workflow Rules – Unable to change status value to “Complete”
  • Deleted response still shows as Unread Response
  • Customer can view billing information in workspaces without billing permissions
  • Headers in tickets report overlap for some languages
  • Expenses cannot accept value greater than 1000
  • Unable to see MSP Manager Subscription details
  • Assigning a program level returns error: “Year, Month, and Day parameters describe an un-representable DateTime”


I want to thank you again for those contributing to our Success Center Ideas!!!  Here are the ideas solved with this release:

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