Big year-end release for SolarWinds Backup!

In this, our final release of the year, we are pleased to introduce new functionality in three key areas: Backup for Office 365, automated deployment and updates, and disaster recovery testing.

Backup for Office 365 SharePoint is now GA
SolarWinds Backup support for data protection of Office 365 SharePoint is now generally available, with billable usage starting this month. The GA version extends beta functionality to include protecting not only SharePoint files and folders, but also permissions related to those items. More details are available here.

SharePoint release notes

Speaking of billable usage, pricing for the full Backup for Office 365 set (Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint) has changed. You can now protect all three components for one low price per unique user, with virtually unlimited cloud storage included in your price.* Contact your account manager for pricing details.

Expanded Auto Deployment & Auto Updates
Automatic deployment is a big time saver, especially for larger environments. This capability, available with the standalone version of SolarWinds Backup, allows you to define profiles for specific device types or data sources and deploy them automatically to new customers or devices, has been popular with our Windows users. With this release, we now offer Auto Deployment for Mac and Linux environments as well.

auto deploy release notes.png

In addition, the automatic update feature, previously available only for Windows and Mac, is now also available for Linux. These changes will unify the installation and update mechanisms across all three operating systems, for a more cohesive and automated customer experience. More information is available here.

Disaster Recovery Testing beta
For customers in the United States and Germany, we now have a beta version of a new automated disaster recovery testing feature. This new feature spins up a VM, performs a test recovery, and emails a screenshot recovery verification once a month. The VM does not persist once the test is completed, and this new option does not require MSPs to download and start a recovery console to perform the test. Details are available here.

Continuity beta release notes

As the year draws to a close, we wish all the best to you, our customers, and we look forward to bringing you even more value in 2020.

* Fair use policy includes up to 1 TB of Office 365 data per unique user.

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