SolarWinds RMM: Patch Management Updates, Video Camera Monitoring, New Windows RC Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM release is now available to all customers. The update contains several great enhancements, here’s a summary of what’s new:

New Windows RC Agent with update to the Daily Safety Check run-time

We’ve released a new Windows RC Agent (v10.9.8), which contains an update to the default run-time for Daily Safety Checks: For new workstation installs only, the default run-time is now 10am instead of 6am. This gives the checks more time to complete when workstations are first turned on by users in the morning, and can help avoid unnecessary check failures and alerts. The DSC run-time for servers is unchanged and stays at 6am.

Network Device Monitoring: Video Cameras and Network Video Recorders

We’re pleased to let you know that network device monitoring now supports two brand new device types: Video cameras and network video recorders, from manufacturer Hikvision. Now you can bring these Hikvision devices under management directly from the Network scan with just a click, and automatically add matching checks for memory, disk and online status.

Patch Management Improvements

We want to highlight a UI enhancement to Patch Management’s ‘Management Workflow’ dialog: We’ve introduced a new option to filter the patch list device type, so you can more easily see which patches are for servers and which are for workstations. We’ll be introducing several UI updates to this dialog in the coming weeks. We encourage you to start using the ‘Management Workflow’ option over the ‘Approval Policy’ dialog, as we intend to retire the latter in the new year.

patch device type filter

In addition, we’ve released a new Patch Management Engine (PME v1.1.7), containing several enhancements to the Patch Management engine, as we continue to improve performance and stability.

Summary for Service Release
– Network Devices update, Patch Management improvements, new Windows RC Agent
– RMM Console v2019.12.08
– Windows RC Agent v10.9.8

RMM Console v2019.12.08
FEATURE: Monitor Hikvision video equipment with network device monitoring
UPDATE: New ‘Filter by Device Type’ (servers or workstations) option Patch Management’s ‘Workflow’ dialog
UPDATE: UI improvement to see just selected clients in the new ‘client groups’ dialog
BUGFIX: Resolve conflict when selecting a Mac monitoring template as the default workstation template for a site

Windows Agent v10.9.8 Release Candidate (RC)
UPDATE: Change to the default run time for the Daily Safety Check from 6am to 10am for Workstations (Servers unchanged at 6am) for new device installs
UPDATE: Updated Patch Management Engine version on first install
UPDATE: Automation Manager ‘ScriptRunner’ v2.15
BUGFIX: Update to the Take Control agent install process to reduce instance of Take Control button not showing
BUGFIX: Resolve Patch Management status scan failing issue due to “failed to connect to an IPC port”
BUGFIX: Update to Kaspersky in Antivirus Update check to match the product’s registry key change
BUGFIX: Fix for the Webpage Check when it fails incorrectly with ‘text not found’

Patch Management Engine v1.1.7
BUGFIX: PME not successfully setting Windows Update service to Automatic
BUGFIX: PME taking control of Windows Updates when Patch feature is not enabled
BUXFIX: PME services not installing successfully in Windows 8.1/2012R2 without .net
BUGFIX: Proxy settings not being written successfully



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